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We apologize for the temporary translations. The website is still under construction and the various issues will be resolved within the next few days. We wish you a pleasant time on our new website =).


Your health goes through the right movement

Our customers are the center of our concerns. Your independence and your health are our reason for being. It is by listening to you that we encourage you and help you progress.


Your mobility and your welfare are obvious and it is together that we contribute to improving them.

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Innovation for the benefit of health

Our know-how is a jewel made up of a competent and quality team. Alongside us, many partners have been forged. This, both in the field of health and on the technical side. Thanks to our experience and our professionalism, lies a major asset in our development.


It is together that we innovate and put our knowledge to your benefit

Sebastian Tobler fondateur et CEO de GBY SWISS
Sebastian Tobler sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The illuminated

CEO and R&D department

Chang-Ho ingénieur chez GBY SWISS
Chang-Ho sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The artist

Technical and commercial engineer

Simon ingénieur chez GBY SWISS
Simon sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The perfectionist

Production and development engineer

Jamie stagiaire à mobilité réduite chez GBY SWISS
Jamie sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The rocket


Brigitte collaboratrice administrative chez GBY SWISS
Brigitte sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The curious

Administration and accounting

Rehabilitation through movement

Your condition and its benefits, the technique, data

Gallery, media (newspapers, articles, TV, radio), quality policy, values, etc.

News, training methods with different exercises, upcoming events, etc.

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