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Difficulty moving, loss of balance, quickly tired?

Spinal cord injury, motor functions affected, paralysis of one or more limbs?

Back pain, difficulty with balance, accident or illness that reduces your mobility or simply want a comfortable recumbent bike that boosts your health?

Contribute to the well-being and autonomy of people with disabilities.

We make it possible to learn essential movements (CPG method) for their mobility and health.


We have designed an adapted bicycle that combines the use of arms and legs, allowing for multiple repetitions of the primary walking movement.


In collaboration with healthcare professionals, we develop innovative products using the "Central Pattern Generator" training method and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal use of our solution.

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Sebastian Tobler fondateur et CEO de GBY SWISS
Sebastian Tobler sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The brain

CEO and R&D department

Chang-Ho ingénieur chez GBY SWISS
Chang-Ho sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The artist

Technical and commercial engineer

Simon ingénieur chez GBY SWISS
Simon sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The perfectionist

Production and development engineer

Brigitte collaboratrice administrative chez GBY SWISS
Brigitte sur le vélo Go-Tryke


The helper

Administration and accounting

Rehabilitation through movement

The benefits, the technical data, the users and much more

Gallery, media (newspapers, TV, radio), quality policy, values, etc.

News, training methods with different exercises, upcoming events, etc.

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