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Preserve and boost your health

Cycling is a guarantee of good cardiovascular and respiratory health and a certain muscle tone. It improves mood, fights depression and boosts the brain. 


Regular and moderate Go-Tryke adapted bike rides also contribute to the production of neurotropic factors, very important proteins for the brain, responsible for growth, proliferation and differentiation contributing to the maturation of neurons.


When your body is physically active, it causes digestion.


Mobilizes your joints


Physical activity promotes your sleep

Specialists in the health field

Alternate movement

"The alternating movement of the Go-Tryke is an excellent cardiovascular and coordination exercise.


In addition, it allows you to make beautiful hikes"


—  Prof. Jocelyne Bloch Neurosurgeon

Mouvement alterné avec le vélo Go-Tryke GBY SWISS

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3 to 6 weeks of use with the adapted Go-Tryke bike

For 3 to 6 weeks, 6 users tested our adapted bike, the Go-Tryke. At the end of this period, all have progressed and 5 of the 6 users have acquired a Go-Tryke. 

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