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Preserve and boost your health

Cycling is good for your cardiovascular and respiratory health, and for muscle tone. It improves your mood, fights depression and boosts your brain. 


When your body is physically active, it helps digestion.


Mobilizes your joints


Being physically active helps you sleep

Specialists in the health sector

Alternating movement

"The alternating movement of the Go-Tryke is an excellent cardiovascular and coordination exercise.

In addition, it makes for great hiking".


—  Prof. Jocelyne Bloch Neurosurgeon

Mouvement alterné avec le vélo Go-Tryke GBY SWISS

More information on health? Want to test a Go-Tryke special bike?

3 to 6 weeks of training with the Go-Tryke special bike

During 3 to 6 weeks, 6 users tested our special bike the Go-Tryke. At the end of this process, all of them made progress and 5 of the 6 users bought a Go-Tryke.

Other useful information?

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