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You have multiple sclerosis, move with us!

EDSS et Go-Tryke

The sooner you start physical activity with the Go-Tryke, the sooner you will see the positive effects on your health.

"I can totally forget that I have multiple sclerosis when I'm on my recumbent bike, the Go-Tryke.

Nicole, suffering from multiple sclerosis since 2013

"The most effective medication for multiple sclerosis is my arms and legs recumbent bike, the Go-Tryke".

Christophe, suffering from multiple sclerosis since 2004

Physical activity

Build endurance, increase energy and much more.


Shorten periods of remission, weight loss, and much more.


Train coordination and balance

Walk in the forest for guaranteed pleasure!

Benefits GBY

Approved by health specialists and sports professionals. Discover the benefits of the Go-Tryke recumbent bike.

Go-Tryke vélo adapté

The world's first recumbent bike that operates the hands and legs synchronously by activating the "CPG".

Clinical study

Transform your health with our bike and discover the health effects of clinical studies.

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