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You have MS, get moving!

Finally, a positive addiction thanks to a fun, stylish and useful device. By simply riding with the Go-Tryke adapted bike, you practice a physical activity that mobilizes your whole body. Its physiological movement trains the arms and legs simultaneously just like running. 


Combine your well-being, your rehabilitation and your sport by going for a walk in the heart of nature. Whether with your friends, your children and/or your pet, walk around freely and without limitations!

Physical activity

Train endurance, increase energy and much more.


Shorten periods of remission, weight loss, and much more.


Train your coordination and balance

Physical activity against the symptoms of multiple sclerosis?


The sooner you start physical activity with the Go-Tryke, the sooner you will see the effects on your health.

Contact us now and benefit from advice and a free trial.

The benefits of riding a Go-Tryke bike

The benefits of physical activity are indisputable and help us to progress as well as maintain good health.


Riding the Go-Tryke Arms and Legs Bike is a quality full-body exercise that replicates the same motion as biking, running, cross-country skiing and more.


Muscle building

Go-Tryke bike enthusiasts

Available soon, while waiting for part of the SRF report on Christian and his Go-Tryke.

Neurologists, general medicine, sports medicine, etc. The health field talks about the Go-Tryke adapted bike

Research and clinical studies demonstrate that physiological movement is paramount. It can increase your independence for your daily activities.

From the sheet of paper to series production. Discover the history of the Go-Tryke adapted bicycle. 

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