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Rehabilitate your body to the movement of walking

What if your fitness could simply be a result of outdoor rides? With our electric adapted bike, you can engage in physical activity that not only brings you joy but also boosts your health. Whether you're young or old, with friends or family, come and discover this fantastic technology as soon as possible.


Nature, forest, paths: nothing better than outdoor rehabilitation


Couple your arms and legs in the physiological movement of walking

Friends Family

Go for a ride with family, friends, pets

"The first bike with arms and legs to go into nature".

Sebastian Tobler, paraplegia since 2013

"The idea is excellent to make the hands and legs work in harmony".

Saskia, suffering from a spinal cord injury

Free trial

Freedom to move


Explore the future of mobility with GBY SWISS. Join us at our next events for an unparalleled experience.


The world's first adaptive tricycle, activating hands and legs synchronously via "CPG".


Discover our adapted bikes at our reseller partners or visit us at our premises.

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