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Want to move your legs?

Move his legs with the strength of his arms? The Go-Tryke is the bicycle for people in wheelchairs with which only one hand is needed to activate their whole body. It combines your mobilization with your rehabilitation for your well-being.


What if your fitness could depend on simple walks in the forest, hair in the wind? With our electric adapted bike you will practice a physical activity which will not only bring you pleasure but above all which will be able to boost your health. Young and old friends, family, come and discover this magnificent machine as soon as possible!


Nature, forest, white paths, what could be better than rehabilitating outdoors


Couple your arms and legs in the physiological movement of walking

Friends Family

Go for a walk with family, friends, pets

Rehabilitate your body to the movement of walking

Contact us now and benefit from advice and a free trial.

Benefits and advantages

Regular physical and sports activities with the special bike Go-Tryke could bring you optimal results in your health and rehabilitation. 


Muscle building

what you say

Health experts (doctors, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc.)   give their opinions on the benefits of the Go-Tryke bike. 

Research and various medical studies highlight the benefits of the movement of walking and the practice of physical activity.

From the garage to the workshop, from creation to completion of the Go-Tryke arm-leg bike. Its history and its purpose.

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