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Winner of innovation award

The asset for your health

Go-Tryke benefit

Muscle weakness ?

Combination of arms and legs movements

Impairment ?

Active-Passive Movement through Various Adaptations.

Balance ?

Great Stability Thanks to Its Three Wheels.

Tiredness ?

Electric Assistance with E-motor

Online booking

Free trial by GBY !

“My Go-Tryke... an ultimate getaway! Pure joy for walks alone or with family! ”

—  Christophe K. (Multiple sclerosis)


Online rental

A unique experience !

Choose your need

Tiredness, tingling, paralysis, do you have MS?

Spinal cord injury, loss of motor function, do you suffer from paraplegia or paralysis ?

Back problem, loss of motor function, paralysis, coordination or balance problem, do you have a health problem?

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