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Using the Go-Tryke arm-leg bike outdoors is motivating. Instead of training alone on a stationary device, go for a ride with your friends and family while discovering again landscapes that were often not accessible to you anymore. 

Medical literature shows that for people with severe indications (multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.), an improvement of daily activities, functional performance and quality of life lead to good health.

Research and clinical studies on multiple sclerosis

Medical publications on spinal cord injuries and their progresses


Cerebral palsy, stroke, and many more.

Multiple sclerosis? Recharge your battery and improve your abilities!

Deficiencies in the body's regulatory mechanisms are often reversible through regular exercise such riding the Go-Tryke. There is strong evidence on the benefit of physical training for people with multiple sclerosis. It has been proven that physical activity and exercise reduce tiredness and cardiovascular comorbidity, improve aerobic capacity, walking, balance/stability and health-related quality of life.

Prescription of exercises for patients with multiple sclerosis; potential benefits and practical recommendations

“Appropriate exercise can lead to noticeable and significant improvements in different areas of the following conditions: cardio-respiratory (aerobic fitness), muscular force, flexibility, balance, tiredness, cognition, quality of life and respiratory function amoungst patients with MS.
Respiratory function in patients with MS"


Halabchi (2017)


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Paraplegia? Get your legs moving with the Go-Tryke special bike.

The importance of physical activity for people with spinal cord injuries is undeniable. There is growing evidence that practicing exercise and sport improves the physical and psychological well-being of people with spinal cord injury.

Thanks to the Go-Tryke, it is possible for paraplegics to do exercise. The combination of arms and legs optimizes the training as shown through the higher oxygen consumption compared to exercises done with upper limb only.

Is aerobic exercise beneficial for people with quadriplegia following spinal cord injury?

This study has shown that "the physical activity of the population with spinal cord injuries is 40% lower than the one of the able-bodied population. As a consequence, people with spinal cord injuries are often less physically active and therefore run a higher risk than their able-bodied peers to suffer from many side health problems, including cardiometabolic and vascular diseases.




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