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Want to go cycling?

An electric bike with which you can combine health and sport while having maximum fun. The Go-Tryke arm and leg bike is designed for people looking to improve their health or with a disability (illness, accident, etc). 


Train your whole body by improving your coordination and much more!


Boost your blood circulation, strengthen your immune system, discover its benefits.


Increase your mobility and your autonomy by walking in the open air!

A recumbent bike for your health

GBY lifts the barriers. For us, health is essential and goes through human physiological movement (running, cross-country skiing, etc.). Imagine if your physical condition was dependent on beautiful walks through landscapes one more beautiful than the other? 

Come and improve your physical condition with us!

Most !

Practicing physical and sporting activity regularly with the Go-Tryke recumbent bike can allow you to reach new heights and boost your health.


Muscle building

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