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Together we move forward for your health


GBY and IAT innovation for wheelchair users

"The Innovation Center for assistive technologies of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation deals with technical developments that promise to make life easier for people with reduced mobility.

In addition to our own developments, we support first-class, innovative ideas which are introduced or implemented by external providers of ideas. The project GO-TRYKE® Easy by GBY Ltd is one of these ideas worthy of support.

The GBY team has a high level of competence and expertise, which guarantees the quality and benefit for those affected."

Team IAT, Nottwil


GBY collaborates with major research players

"Medical discoveries are no longer the result of one brilliant individual. They now require close collaboration between scientists, doctors, engineers and industries - in short, multidisciplinary teams that do together what would be impossible by the sum of their parts.

Our meeting with Sebastian Tobler and GBY illustrates this synergy perfectly. A passionate person at the head of an innovative company that collaborates with engineers from EPFL, CHUV physicians and other industries such as GTX Medical to devise solutions that improve the lives of people with motor deficits. A beautiful story that only just started. Forward."

Prof. Grégoire Courtine, EPFL, Lausanne


The ASPr, sponsor of GBY

"The Swiss Paralysed Association (ASPr) represents the interests of people with physical disabilities. Its courses and stays offered to members aim to promote their independence and open up new perspectives. In the context of its work to support the autonomy of the people concerned, the ASPr is particularly proud to support the work of GBY Ltd.

GBY stands for exemplary entrepreneurship and team spirit. The contribution of GO-TRYKE® is aimed at a double benefit: access to a new form of mobility for people with a physical disability and the possibility of training muscle functions in the open air. A pioneering association, active for 80 years, the ASPr believes in this innovative offer! Let the GO-TRYKE® journey begin!"

The ASPr team, Fribourg


GBY and BFH - together at the pulse of the economy and in the service of humanity!

"At Bern University of Applied Sciences, we invest in teaching, R&D and create knowledge. Our objective is to transfer this knowledge into the economy and to implement it in challenging projects to directly benefit society. We rely on professional and reliable partners - like GBY. With its innovative and sophisticated appliances and products, GBY helps people with reduced mobility to become more independent and self reliant; their everyday life (daily routine) is simplified and new opportunities for leisure activities are made accessible."

Dr. Lukas Rohr, Director Departement Engineering and Information Technology BFH-TI, Bern University of Applied Science, Biel


"The Industrial section of the Vocational School in Fribourg (EMF) trains young men and women in technical trades. The school organizes internships for it’s fourth year students. These federal proficiency certificate students (CFC) complete their internship in a company and carry out projects for the industry. GBY and EMF have set up a ‘’Win-Win’’ partnership that allows the school's apprentices to develop professional and social skills through projects carried out with GBY. The Vocational School in Fribourg (EMF) thanks the GBY team for the confidence placed in the production of mechanical parts. EMF also appreciates the expertise and quality of GBY's products."

Estelle Leyrolles, Dean of the Department EMF-Industry,

Vocational School, Fribourg


"Turning an invention into a successful product on the market requires an elaborate intellectual property strategy in order to promote its invention to investors, to protect it from competitors, to negotiate contracts between different development partners, and to verify patents held by third parties. It is particularly motivating for P&TS to have been able to collaborate with GBY on these aspects from the very beginning of the project and to help make this dream of giving mobility to people with reduced mobility a reality."

Christophe Saam, Director P&TS, Neuchâtel


"Go By Yourself (GBY) transforms the lives of people with reduced mobility. Thanks to the GO-TRYKE®, they regain a large part of their freedom. Dynamic, innovative and supported by a warm team, GBY is a reference start-up that we are proud to support throughout its development."

Grégory Grin, Director FriUp, Fribourg


"As part of our mission to support SMEs in Switzerland, the Platinn network strives to facilitate innovative projects such as the one managed by GBY. It is with great pleasure that we collaborate with GBY for the realization and the marketing of their GO-TRYKE®, a solution which answers as much a need in sports and mobility as well as a therapeutic need."

Thomas Meier, Platinn Coach, Business Development and Partnerships


"GBY - a committed start-up that works with ParaWork of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre to promote the reintegration of people with spinal cord injuries into the workforce.

ParaWork guides, trains, supports and accompanies people with spinal cord injuries during their reintegration into the workforce, drawing on the specific skills and experience of a multidisciplinary team. This is done in close cooperation with the therapists and doctors at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

GBY is a real source of inspiration and motivation for the return to work of ParaWork's clients. "

                                                          Coralie Jaquet, Job Coach & Coordinator Romandie

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