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Boost your health with our adapted bike

Whether health specialists (doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, Phd., etc.) or sports professionals (Paralympic athletes, experts, coaches, etc.), everyone agrees to approve of the Go-Tryke recumbent bike. Discover through their testimonials the countless advantages and benefits of our bike suitable for everyone.

Effet du vélo Go-Tryke pour améliorer la circulation sanguine

"The simple fact of raising your legs promotes venous return and reduces the risk of oedema in the lower limbs.

Pedalling in Go-Tryke allows you to mobilise not only your legs but your whole body thanks to its natural alternating arm-leg movement.

—  Dr. med. Rémy Boscacci, Specialist in general internal medicine.

The physical activity of people with the GO-TRYKE actively involves the joints of all four extremities.

In addition, it is fun, safe, improves cardiovascular and peripheral muscular endurance, proprioception, coordination and all this while allowing useful movement in the person's environment.

— Dr. Jean-Paul Robert, FMH Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine.

Effet du vélo Go-Tryke pour améliorer la mobilité des articulations
Effet du vélo Go-Tryke pour améliorer la coordination des membres

The alternating movement of the Go-Tryke is an excellent cardiovascular and coordination exercise.

In addition, it makes for great hiking.

—  Prof. Jocelyne Bloch Neurosurgeon

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Combine health and pleasure in Go-Tryke!

The special Go-Tryke bike approved by sports pros

Celine Van Till nous donne son avis sur le vélo adapté Go-Tryke

In addition to bringing a good dose of pleasure, this Go-Tryke bike provides therapeutic support, works on coordination and gradually gets your body moving without it being exhausting. This thanks to electrical support, if necessary

What makes the Go-Tryke really great is that the arms and legs are in constant motion. Plus, they move alternately which is great for movement!

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